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Guideware Android Technical Support

To contact support email support@guideware.com anytime or call +1 (800) 817-2967 ext 1 during business hours Monday through Friday, 9:00 am - 6:00 pm EST

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  • Guideware Android

    • Downloading the latest version of Guideware for Android

      Guideware for Android is currently in Early Access only. To gain access to the apk click here and fill out the form. We will contact you if we select you as an Eary Access user.

    • Downloading routes

      The first step to downloading a route to Guideware for Android is to make sure your version of Guideware Desktop supports Android. When you go to the download screen in Guideware Desktop if Guideware Android is not listed in the device dropdown call the support line to have a support representative configure your Guideware Desktop to be compatible with Android.

      Once your Guideware Desktop is configured, simply connect your Android device to the Guideware computer via usb and download your route to the device by choosing Guideware Android in the device dropdown. The route will automatically load the next time you start Guideware on the Android device. If the route does not load on the Android device, try closing Guideware and restarting it. This will load all available routes on the device.

    • Adding new components

      Adding components in Guideware Android is easy. Choose the route you want to add a component to and tap the maintenance button on the route dashboard. This will open the component master list view. From this view you click the floating action button in the bottom right corner to add a new component.

    • Editing components

      Choose the route which contains the component you want to edit. Tap the maintenance button on the route dashboard. This will open the component master list view. Choose the component you want to edit and tap on it to bring up the component detail view. From this view you can click the edit button in the top right corner and modify your component. Remember to tap the save button if you want to save your changes. Otherwise changes are not preserved.